Hull data and conditions are as follows:

Main particulars

Model scale

Full scale

Length of waterline LWL (m) 3.147 154.0
Maximum beam of waterline BWL (m) 0.384 18.78
Depth D (m) 0.266 14.5
Draft T (m) 0.112 5.494
Displacement Δ 72.6 kg 8507 ton
Wetted surface area (fully appended) S0 (m2 ) 1.5 NA
Block coefficient (CB) ∇ /(LWLBWL T) 0.535 0.535
LCB LCB (m) aft of FP 1.625 NA
Vertical Center of Gravity (from keel) KG (m) 0.156 NA
Metacentric height GM (m) 0.0422 NA
Moment of Inertia Kxx/B 0.444 0.444
Moment of Inertia Kyy/LWL, Kzz/LWL 0.246 0.25
Propeller diameter DP (m) 0.1066 NA
Propeller center, long. location (from FP) x/LWL 0.9267 NA
Propeller center, lateral location (from CL) ±y/LWL 0.02661 NA
Propeller center, vert. location (below WL) -z/LWL 0.03565 NA
Propeller shaft angle (downward positive) ε (deg.) 5 NA
Propeller rotation direction (view from stern) inward inward
Maximum rudder rate 35.0 deg./s


Model speed
U (m/s) 1.11
Fn 0.20


Requested computations

Case # 3.9 3.12 3.13
Wave Calm* Head* -45°, Beam, -135°*,
Condition Free-run Free-run Free-run
Attitude FRall FRall FRall
Validation Variables Thrust, torque, prop fact, s&t, Model point Thrust, torque, rpm, motion, speed loss, speed loss Thrust, torque, rpm, motion, speed loss, speed loss
“Mandatory” cases (denoted by *)
For ONRT the calm water and head waves should be computed first.

Hull Attitude Definitions: 
FRall = 6 degrees of freedom

Hull Geometry (with gaps above the rudders)
Hull Geometry (without gaps above the rudders)
Propeller Geometry + Propeller Open Water Characteristics(IIHR)